The Best Dumplings As Decided By The People

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Asian dumpling in steamer with cabbage

There is nothing worse than craving a hot, steamy delicious dumpling session only to be met by disappointing dumplings. Okay, maybe there are worse things, but it's up there.

With help from Yelp, we've got a definitive list of the best dumpling houses in most of the capital cities, as determined by popularity -- and we reckon return customers is the best way to judge a good dumpling.


Hutong Dumpling Bar

Nam Loong

ShanDong Mama

Shanghai Street

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Chinese Noodle Restaurant

Din Tai Fung Dumpling Bar

Chefs Gallery Townhall

Sea Bay Restaurant

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Bamboo Basket

New Shanghai

Happy Little Dumplings

Fat Dumpling

Harajuku Gyoza


Low Key Chow House

New Moon

Noodle Forum


Darling Supper Club


Ding Hao Restaurant


Star House

Citi Zen

Eastern Garden Chinese Restaurant

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