Josh Reynolds The Butt Of Jokes After Doing a 'Hopoate' On Aidan Sezer in Bulldogs Raiders NRL Game

05/04/2016 3:15 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Rugby league is the butt of jokes again, and the finger of blame is pointed squarely at Canterbury Bulldogs player Josh Reynolds. Which is a much better place to point a finger than where Reynolds himself did.

In the Monday night NRL match between the Canterbury Bulldogs and Canberra Raiders, Reynolds -- a 26-year-old former State of Origin player whose nickname was already "Grub" -- did this.


Yeah, but why did he do it?

Ohhhh, well that explains it. Except for the part where it doesn't explain anything at all. Meanwhile Sezer had this to say:

Awesome atmosphere and experience last night at Belmore.. something ill never forget.. and just to reinforce what @joshreynolds9 has already said, Me and Joshy go back a long way and we were just having a laugh at the scrumbase.. we are good mates and there was nothing in it.. Everyone just sit back and relax. 😂😂 #bleedgreen

A photo posted by @aidansezer on

Which didn't explain much either, but at least we can do like Sezer said and sit on our backsides and all relax. No guys, nobody's angry. We are kind of bemused, though.

The incident drew instant comparisons to the infamous John Hopoate incidents in 2001, when the former NRL star -- who later became a boxer and had several serious run-ins with the law -- got a little creative with his own finger.

There are YouTube videos galore of the phenomenon which Roy and HG memorably christened "Date Gate" which we won't sully this page with, even though we're usually all for, ahem, "digital" media. In an interesting twist, Hopoate's son Will now plays for the Bulldogs at fullback.

There was one other touching incident in this match which for the record the Raiders won 22-8. Who says rugby league players aren't sensitive?

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