SUP With That? We're not Sure You Should You Be Stand-Up Paddling There

21/04/2016 11:12 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:52 PM AEST
David Olsen via Getty Images
A woman stand-up paddling, Maui

Australian stand-up paddleboarders may be able to enjoy some of the world's most relaxed beaches but why have the water to yourself when you can share it with a MASSIVE CRUISELINER.

Mark & Candice & incoming Cruise ship on our paddle Back from Balmoral this morning #SUP #SUPSydney #Sydney

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Despite the heavy boat traffic, Sydney Harbour is a playground for stand-up paddleboarders and it's not the only precarious place in Australia where sup'pers have been snapped.


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S U N R I S E 🌞

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Last day to enter ‪#everymanandhisdog‬ SUP event for tomorrow’s ‪#australiaday‬ check link on our bio & REGISTER NOW! Late entries will be available tomorrow but there will be a $10 late fee on all entries so get in today!! @watsonsbayboutiquehotel will be supporting our event tomorrow and have a smorgasbord of aussie treats to consume whilst you partake in the SUP fun or spectate the SUPspectical! ‪#sup ‪#suprace‬ ‪#supfitness‬ ‪#instasup ‪#supaustralia‬ ‪#watsonsbay‬ ‪#watsonsbaySUP‬ ‪#watsonsbayhotel‬ ‪#watssup‬ ‪#burtoncontractors‬ ‪#ecsboards‬ ‪#benbucklerboards‬ ‪#mauijim‬ ‪#driftpaddleboard

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Over in WA, folks are fearless, with the poster of this video saying "beaches closed briefly today cos of a 3.5m Tiger Shark. Then this Paddle boarder got barreled by fish".

A bait ball is like a burger shop for sharks, and this paddler is all up in there. On purpose.

Beaches closed briefly today cos of a 3.5m Tiger Shark. Then this Paddle boarder got barreled by fish. So pitted.

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In Canberra's Lake Burley Griffin, there are no sharks, but there are giant balloons of hot gas taking off.

Doesn't get more 'spectacular' than this #visitcanberra #sup #hotairballoon #sofranksocial #supaustralia #sunrise

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In Newcastle, a few tug boats and harbour junks don't stop a charity paddle.

standup paddle newcastle

By Moreton Island in Queensland, it's all about exploring old wrecks.

Melbourne makes a stellar backdrop for a paddle.

standup paddle melbourne

And in NZ, well, nothing can beat this experience.

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