16 Smoothie Bowl Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram

Inspiration in a bowl.

11/08/2016 9:01 PM AEST | Updated 12/08/2016 1:58 AM AEST

The smoothie bowl craze is going strong ― and thank goodness. Not only are smoothies incredibly good for you, but the healthy, bright toppings they’re adorned with become strikingly beautiful in bowls. Beauty in the morning is a special kind of treat.

There’s one downfall to smoothie bowls ― they require a whole lot more effort than toast does.

If you love looking at smoothie bowls (who doesn’t like to imagine that life can be as perfect as Instagram’s depictions?), but don’t really have the energy and time to put into making one, we have a suggestion: fill your Instagram feed with the best smoothie bowl makers out there. To get you started, here are 16 of our favorites. Most of them are plant-based food bloggers, but some of them are just smoothie bowl lovers like you.


Good morning sunshine 💜💜💜. Macqui, blueberry and coconut for life. ️Recipe is in the comments. #letscookvegan

A photo posted by Kath And Jade. (@panaceas_pantry) on

Two vegan recipe developers making their way through this world, one plant-based dish at a time.


Matcha Vanilla Nicecream🍨 Loved this beaut! I know it looks more like a smoothie, but I swear, I was a nicecream..but kind of melted a bit before I could take the pics💦💧🙈😂 It's a tough one: taking pics of any icecream during summer🙄😂😂 But making it is more then easy..and here's the recipe: 2 frozen bananas 1/2 banana 1/2 tsp vanilla powder 1 tbsp maple syrup 1 portion of @yourtea organic Matcha Process in food processor until you get a smooth ice cream-like consistency( You might have to stop a few times to scrape the sides) I love the flavor combination of matcha and vanilla and the health benefits of matcha is just amazing✨🙌🏻💚 If you tried Matcha and it wasn't an instant love, I recommend you to try the nicecream (nudge, nudge😁). It is such a game changer, same as with Spirulina.. Ok, now I'm off to do a workout💪🏻 Yeah, I do it sometimes at weirdest times of day (as it is 11.15pm now) but learned to just do it when I feel like it. Works for me🙌🏻 Wishing you a lovely night/day guys! Lots of love💜 Maya xx #matchamayhem

A photo posted by Maya (@delicious_and_healthy_by_maya) on

Croatian food blogger and smoothie bowl maker extraordinaire.

Feasting On Fruit

If you don’t read the food blog Feasting on Fruit, it’s time you start. She’s responsible for the gorgeous recipes that show up on this instagram feed.

Alena Food Photo

Of course you should follow a professional food photographer when in search for beautiful smoothie bowls. That is a given, and this account is proof of that.


A finalist for a Saveur food blog award, Black White Vivid gets her recipe inspiration from her travels (which means international smoothie bowls!).

Elsas _Wholesomelife

Elsa is an aspirational lifestyle and food blogger, and churns out tons of beautiful plant-based recipes.


In a smooth(ie bowl) state of mind. ☁️😌☁️

A photo posted by VIRPI MIKKONEN (@vanelja) on

Leave it to the master of “nice” cream to have an awesome smoothie bowl game.


Hands down the most colorful instagram feed around. 


This Belgian-based food blogger will make you want to eat a better life.


Follow for the smoothie bowls, and get inspired with posts like watermelon pizza.


A mother of three, filling her feed with beautiful food and photos. If only we could all feed our kids this well.


Health coach and cooking instructor Nathalie Sader is a serious smoothie bowl master.


A self-proclaimed smoothie addict ― and it shows.


Look no further for a vibrant, beautiful smoothie extravaganza.


Not only does this vegan food blogger make a mean smoothie bowl, she is also a master avocado rose maker.


Anyone who uses frozen red currants as a smoothie bowl topping is basically winning at life. You’re going to want to take notes.

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