9 Food Phone Cases That Are So Realistic, You'll Want To Eat Them Up


17/08/2016 10:55 PM AEST

Ever catch yourself daydreaming about the delicious dinner you had the night before? Do you plan out what you’re going to eat hours before mealtime? Do you get a little emotional before your last bite of food, just because you don’t want it to be over yet? If so, you might be a food lover.

When food is bae, it’s important to accessorize appropriately. What better place to start than the source of all your food Instagrams: your phone? We’ve rounded up nine hyperrealistic foodie phone cases that will make your mouth water. Fair warning: should you ditch your plain phone case for a chicken drumstick version, people might try to eat your phone. Here are the foods we desperately want attached to our smartphones: 

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