17 Real Castle Weddings Fit For A Modern Day Princess

And they lived happily ever after. 👑

26/08/2016 4:34 AM AEST
Carla Gates Photography

Fairytale weddings are totally possible ― just pick a castle as your wedding venue.

Below, 17 brides and grooms who got in touch with their inner kings and queens.

  • 1
    Claire Penn Photography
    Culzean Castle, Scotland
  • 2
    Anna Lauridsen Kullafoto
    Kronovall Castle, Sweden
  • 3
    Trentieme Etage
    Château d’Auvers sur Oise, France
  • 4
    London & Dorset wedding photographer Paul Underhill
    Highcliffe Castle, England
  • 5
    Carla Gates Photography
    Dromoland Castle, Ireland
  • 6
    Evert Doorn Photography
    Heeswijk Castle, Netherlands
  • 7
    Eclection Photography
    Lewes Castle, England
  • 8
    Thomas Steibl
    Maria Loretto Castle, Austria
  • 9
    Craig Obrist Photography
    Schönbrunn Palace, Austria
  • 10
    Annie Kheffache Photography
    Barberstown Castle, Ireland
  • 11
    Evert Doorn Photography
    De Haar Castle, Netherlands
  • 12
    Cassandra Castaneda Photography
    Rheinstein Castle, Germany
  • 13
    Julia Jane Photography
    Château de La Rochefoucauld, France
  • 14
    Kelly J Photography
    Ruthin Castle, Wales
  • 15
    Captured by Pavel
    Curzon Hall, Australia
  • 16
    Kim Kalyn Photography
    Hatley Castle, Canada
  • 17
    Julia Jane Photography
    Château des Tesnières, France
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