'Stranger Things' Finally Serves Up Some Justice For Barb In New Teaser

02/11/2016 1:34 AM AEDT | Updated 02/11/2016 1:34 AM AEDT
Stranger Things

Barb may be gone forever in the Upside Down, but the town of Hawkins, Indiana, hasn’t forgotten about her. 

On Halloween, Netflix released a new “Stranger Things” teaser that so rightfully acknowledges the fan-favorite character’s tragic demise. Presented as a news report from Hawkins, anchor Brenda Wood informs viewers of Barb’s disappearance before listing off some of the high school student’s best qualities, as described by her friends. 

“[She’s] the kind of girl who notices if you’re wearing a new bra and can really rock a pair of mom jeans. Or as we call them now, jeans,” Wood says. 

Damn right she can! 

Check out the whole teaser above. 

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