12 Tiny Lifestyle Changes That Could Help You Lose Weight

Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely.

05/11/2016 7:19 AM AEDT | Updated 08/11/2016 3:21 AM AEDT
Tiny tweaks in your lifestyle can build an environment to support weight loss.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the largest impact.

There are small behavioral and environmental changes that can gently nudge you toward your wellness goals. Just ask the members of the Buzzfeed community, who shared their own tiny lifestyle tweaks that helped them get healthier in the video below.

Think of these as small adjustments to your everyday life, rather than big shifts. Some of our favorites include making the couch a “no eating zone,” where binge watching TV can lead to the overconsumption of snacks. Also opting to take the stairs instead of the escalator, which will help you increase the steps you take per day

Check out the clip for all of the great suggestions:

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