The Australian Ballet's Portrayal Of The Legend Of Nijinsky

He was the greatest male dancer of the 20th century.

14/11/2016 11:48 AM AEDT | Updated 15/11/2016 9:32 AM AEDT
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Filmed: Tom Compagnoni. Interview and edit: Emily Verdouw

Before he descended into 30 years of isolation whilst in the grips of a mental illness, Vaslav Nijinsky revolutionised ballet for the male dancer and transformed modern dance.

Now, the story of the star ballerina's rapid rise and tragic decline is being told by The Australian Ballet.

'Nijinsky' is choreographed by John Neumeier, one of the world's greatest ballet storytellers, and is a dramatic tale that takes you deep into the mind of a genius and a man touted as the greatest male dancer of the 20th century.