11 Clever, Untraditional Ways People Have Wrapped Gifts This Holiday Season


19/12/2016 1:43 AM AEDT | Updated 19/12/2016 1:49 AM AEDT

No holiday wrapping paper? No problem.

Let these ingenious people inspire you to find new, more environmentally friendly ways to package up presents.

Who knew that tortilla wraps, old school assignments, sheets of fabric and even movie posters could come in handy this time of year?

Here are 11 of the best alternative wrapping methods we’ve seen so far this holiday season:

  • 1 Tortilla Wraps
  • 2 Old Assignments
  • 3 Transformed Gift Box
  • 4 Old Scraps Of Wrapping Paper
  • 5 Movie Posters
  • 6 School Test Revision Cards
  • 7 Trash Bags And Newspapers
  • 8 Adapted Birthday Wrapping Paper
  • 9 Branded Printer Paper
  • 10 Paper Bag
  • 11 Fabric
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