Hermione Falls In Love With Voldemort In Dark 'Beauty And The Beast' Mashup

09/02/2017 9:27 AM AEDT | Updated 10/02/2017 3:54 AM AEDT
Pistol Shrimps

Are. You. Sirius?

We were all pretty excited when we heard about Emma Watson playing Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” until a new mashup came along that’ll scar you worse than Harry Potter.

In the video from Pistol Shrimps, Beast gets replaced with Voldemort, and the result is more traumatizing than all the horcruxes combined.

Actually, the video is pretty great, but, still, we just can’t get the image of Hermione and He Who Must Not Be Named out of our minds. What’s next? Are they going to the Yule Ball together?

If that happens, you’ll bawl, and I’ll bawl, too.

And bloody Hell, what about Ron? Did you even think about Ron?

Here’s hoping Hermione goes all Harry Potter and the Restraining Order of the Phoenix against the Dark Lord, but for Pistol Shrimps, it’s mischief managed.

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