23 Silver Foxes Who Are Almost Too Hot To Handle

Zaddy status.

09/06/2017 10:18 AM AEST | Updated 09/06/2017 10:18 AM AEST

Age ain’t nothing but a number ― and this ~fire~ list is proof. 

Below, 23 distinguished gents who just get better and better with age. 

  • 1 Gustavo Samuelian is fashion forward and foxy.
  • 2 Here's tatted bae Gianluca Vacchi.
  • 3 This? Just Irvin Randle bringing '70s fashion realness.
  • 4 Giuliano Alborghetti is a biker babe.
  • 5 And here's Wang Deshun looking fly as hell.
  • 6 Oh, hi, bespectacled babe Anthony Varrecchia
  • 7 Ladies and dudes go crazy for a sharp-dressed man like Francisco Cipriano.
  • 8 Jason Jules has swag for days.
  • 9 Yep, Anton Nilsson is basically the definition of silver fox.
  • 10 Jack Foley has the most luscious locks ever.
  • 11 Wouldn't mind being in a teeny, tiny Fiat with Laurent de Moncey.
  • 12 No one rocks a peacoat quite like Jörg Amrhein.
  • 13 T.R. Pescod isn't afraid of a pop of color.
  • 14 Garrett Swann's muscles, amirite?
  • 15 Angelo Gallamini is beard goals.
  • 16 Will Willitts + leather = a very good thing.
  • 17 Only thing better than one Winston Warrior? Four.
  • 18 You can get away with wearing boxers on the golf course when you look like Ettore Bossi.
  • 19 It's easy to see why Philippe Dumas is the Internet's older, distinguished boyfriend.
  • 20 Anthony Fitzgerald lookin' grown and sexy.
  • 21 Only Matthew Moore can make suspenders look this good.
  • 22 No one's cooler than Nick Wooster.
  • 23 And finally, here's Paul Mason, riding into your dreams.
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