X-ray photographs of a cardiac catheterization, before and after a balloon dilation. For long-term stabilization of the dilation is mostly still the implantation of a stent. (Screenshot-prints from motion pictures)

A Groundbreaking Heart Stent Experiment Reveals The Power Of The Placebo Effect

A groundbreaking new experiment reveals that stents, which are mesh wire tubes inserted into narrow or weak arteries to widen them and increase blood flow, are no more effective than treating people w...
04/11/2017 1:28 PM AEDT

How To Support Someone Going Through Pregnancy Loss

Your girlfriend, sister or coworker has just texted you the news of her pregnancy loss. Maybe you've known she was pregnant from the beginning, and had been excitedly walking with her every step of th...
14/06/2017 10:13 PM AEST