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Emily Verdouw

Associate Video Editor, HuffPost Australia

Associate Video Editor, HuffPost Australia.
Foraged TV

The Best Places To Snack In Sydney

It seems these days there's an abundance of food bloggers hanging around big cities like Sydney. But two women got started well before anyone else, and they've managed to stay amongst the top read blo...
10/11/2015 5:32 PM AEDT
Claudio Salas

There Really Is Wisdom In Pessimism

Could a solid dose of pessimism really be the way to ensure contentment? Philosopher and founder of The School Of Life, Alain de Botton, believes so. In this short film created by Claudio Salas, the b...
07/11/2015 9:39 AM AEDT
Dan Proud

Explore Australia's Pilbara By Drone

Sitting in the very North West of Australia and famous for it's red dirt the Pilbara is rich in resources and not short on space. So when you think of the Pilbara it's usually mining towns and FIFO w...
29/10/2015 8:23 AM AEDT