'Sheeple' Has Been Added To The Dictionary

We all know Merriam-Websterrivals Hannah Horvath in being the voice of our generation. The dictionary is also very involved in the Twitterverse, particularly when it comes to politics, subtly throwin'...
28/04/2017 7:18 AM AEST

Tickle Me Elmo Without Fur Is Horrifying

Well, it's official: Naked Tickle Me Elmo is the nightmare fodder you've been avoiding your whole life. Check out this terrifying video of a furless Tickle Me Elmo doll, tweeted by the Canada Science...
14/04/2017 11:45 AM AEST

Trump In A Truck WHAT WHAT

President Donald Trump met with a group of truckers and CEOs at the White House on Thursday afternoon, ostensibly to discuss healthcare and the photos are... something. Many of the photos feature Tru...
24/03/2017 9:13 AM AEDT