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Michelle Tan

Absurdist comic writer and certified life nonsense expert

Michelle Tan is the absurdist comic writer and certified life nonsense expert behind The Secret Diary of Agent Spitback, a fictionalised blog of a newbie mom's nonsense in trying to survive the most dangerous place in the world - the school playground. Some call her genius, some call her dribble and some, like three children, just call her "Mummy". Catch more of her shenanigans on Facebook or Twitter as she celebrates the hilarity of the tedium of everyday life.

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My Daughter Wants A Penis

When my daughter was four, she had a strong desire to be a boy. She refused to wear dresses, play with girls, 'girl' toys or 'girl' games, and she would even pee standing up. She was convinced that her 'penis' would grow out of her vagina and she would one day become a boy.
19/04/2016 5:59 AM AEST