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A Mother Of A Job

In the delivery room of a hospital, as women become mothers, apparently the most common words uttered -- or shrieked, yelled and howled -- are "I'm never having sex again!"
08/05/2016 6:42 PM AEST
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I Scare My Kids To Sleep

It had been ages since I'd read a fairytale, but my daughter is now old enough to get among them so I bought a big colourful collection (which, shamefully, attracted GST) and set about frightening the bejesus out of her.
06/04/2016 9:05 AM AEST
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Should We Bite The Bullet Point And Kill Off Punctuation

In the USA, sorry, the U.S.A., they celebrate National Punctuation Day. Its official website bills the pedants' party (assuming there is more than one pedant) as "a chance to remind America that a semicolon is not a surgical procedure". This is both ironic and timely given that these days punctuation is a pain in the arse.
11/03/2016 9:58 AM AEDT
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Happy New Rear!

Most of us would like to be fitter, leaner, richer, healthier, happier, sexier, Cloonier... But most of us aren't. So, at the end of another undisciplined year, we convince ourselves we can alter those errant parts of our behaviour that keep us off those magazine covers.
31/12/2015 6:09 AM AEDT