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Dr Nikki Stamp

Professional heart surgeon. Amateur writer

Dr Nikki Stamp is a cardiothoracic surgeon who supports women in surgery and women's heart health.
Seth Sentry/Dear Science

Science Is Being Bullied. It's Time We Stuck Up For It

Seth Sentry has a problem with science. It has, thus far, failed to provide him with a hoverboard. However, his gripes are pretty minimal when it comes to the barrage of blame that science, medicine and other reputable branches of investigation get from the Instafamous, celebrity chefs and so-called wellness warriors.
29/09/2016 7:06 AM AEST

How Mistakes In Hospitals Happen

When we go to a hospital, we have an illness or an injury and we go to get better. The amount of trust that we place in our caregivers, the equipment, the infrastructure and the systems is immense. So when this trust is violated, be it through accident or error, emotions understandably run high.
28/07/2016 12:00 PM AEST