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Fleur Morrison

Reader, writer, blogger at Readability Books

Fleur Morrison is a former journalist, public relations practitioner and radio producer who is now a stay-at-home mother of three. She tries to write and read whenever she gets a chance... which isn't often enough these days.

She has established Readability books blog to throw around some ideas about books and reading, and to try to put a stop to her habit of starting a book and only realising 20 pages in that she's already read it.

Fleur also runs copywriting and editing business The Word Store to help businesses and organisations communicate better.
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The Problem With Book Clubs

An obligation to read is no kind of incentive to pick up a book, and it often has the opposite effect, rendering the intended reader incapable of turning off the television or logging off Facebook.
30/09/2016 11:45 AM AEST

Libraries Aren't A Source Of Silence, But An Escape From It

Modern libraries play an important role, not in upholding a sense of academic excellence and intellectual superiority among users, but in their inclusivity. They are places where people of all demographics can come together and enjoy the free use of a public space.
20/09/2016 2:29 PM AEST

Humour In Books Can Get Lost In Translation

There is a particular kind of humour to be found in the pages of a book. It is often subtle and unexpected, creeping up on the reader who didn't expect to laugh. After all, isn't reading considered qu...
15/09/2016 2:24 PM AEST