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Nama Winston

Recovering solicitor, who now just wants us all to be nicer to each other

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Roald Dahl Was A Fantastic Mr Fox

I read Dahl's complete adult works when I was about 12 years old. It was completely, utterly and totally inappropriate for my impressionable mind, because most of Dahl's adult short stories were about S.E.X. (as I pronounced it in 1988).
13/09/2016 10:01 AM AEST

Happy Father's Day, Mum

As a sole parent, who does all the hard work that most of us do as parents, but with no shared responsibility, I claim Father's Day for myself.
04/09/2016 6:30 AM AEST
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Book Week Is About Kids, Not Colours

At the crux of it, not being defined by your skin colour is a luxury that many of us don't enjoy. That is the problem with blackface; how that definition can affect you. We are all so much more than the colour of our skin.
30/08/2016 2:24 PM AEST
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Australia Needs To Talk 'The Talk'

People think diversity is a 'leftist' idea that's about making merry and joining hands and singing and other such hippie concepts. But all diversity means is a range of different things. Very simple. It's not about exclusion, it's about inclusion, of everyone and everything. What's so wrong with that?
22/08/2016 5:55 AM AEST
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You Can Tell Me I Look Like Beyoncé

It's an easy mistake to make, confusing people who look similar. And while the intention is usually not openly racist, it is very often lazy. It implies that you didn't care enough to take the time to really look at someone as an individual. And that is a very real problem for people of colour all over the world.
18/08/2016 5:39 AM AEST

If Feminism Is A Dirty Word, We Should Adopt A New One

Feminism has become, to many people, a dirty word; even an antiquated concept. Centuries ago, women started the fight for equal rights -- to vote, to own property, to have control over our reproductive systems -- but that's ancient history. Now, we take our rights for granted.
08/08/2016 1:09 PM AEST

Why Winnie Is The Ultimate Winner

Winnie Harlow's attitude, at half my age, is revolutionary to someone like me, who has spent most of her life vacillating between the belief I should be proud of my skin and the belief that I need to cover it up.
04/08/2016 5:44 AM AEST

Homeless Shelters Are Not Only For The Homeless

The definition of what it means to be homeless is much broader than many of us think. It includes not only people sleeping on the streets, but is a term which describes a number of living scenarios. The term encompasses anyone who involuntarily has no fixed address.
25/07/2016 7:20 AM AEST