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Nama Winston

Recovering solicitor, who now just wants us all to be nicer to each other

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Roald Dahl Was A Fantastic Mr Fox

I read Dahl's complete adult works when I was about 12 years old. It was completely, utterly and totally inappropriate for my impressionable mind, because most of Dahl's adult short stories were about S.E.X. (as I pronounced it in 1988).
13/09/2016 10:01 AM AEST

Happy Father's Day, Mum

As a sole parent, who does all the hard work that most of us do as parents, but with no shared responsibility, I claim Father's Day for myself.
04/09/2016 6:30 AM AEST
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Book Week Is About Kids, Not Colours

At the crux of it, not being defined by your skin colour is a luxury that many of us don't enjoy. That is the problem with blackface; how that definition can affect you. We are all so much more than the colour of our skin.
30/08/2016 2:24 PM AEST