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The 18 Best Travel Photos Of 2017, According To National Geographic

National Geographic is known for its incredible photos from around the world. And as it turns out, its readers take some pretty stunning pictures of their own. Results are in for the second annual Nat...
02/08/2017 9:02 PM AEST

Don't Panic, Coke Zero Isn't REALLY Going Away

It seems like much of the Internet is in tears after Coca-Cola announced it's killing off Coke Zero in favor of a drink with a different name and new taste. Coca-Cola Zero will be phased out next mont...
28/07/2017 8:03 AM AEST
Me, taking a "meditation selfie" on a lunch break. I set a personal goal to take several five-minute meditation breaks every day for a month. While I didn't quite hit those numbers, it still changed how I feel.

I Meditated Every Day For A Month And Here's What Happened

I first tried meditation in my office about three years ago, when a group of colleagues met in a conference room for a quick guided session. I remember that first simple meditation so well: After abou...
06/07/2017 2:33 PM AEST

Turns Out Bread Has Been 'Raw Toast' All Along

We like to think we're absolute masters when it comes to toast. But one man's observation is making us doughbious. This week, Twitter user Devonthesav sparked a hilarious discussion when he posed a lo...
01/07/2017 6:01 PM AEST

David Beckham Roasted For Matching Outfits With Posh

We've all committed a few fashion faux pas we'd rather not recall. But James Corden isn't letting David Beckham forget his for a second. On his show this week, the comedian busted out a throwback phot...
10/06/2017 6:39 PM AEST