5 Smartphone Apps that Have Totally Changed the Entertainment Industry

02/08/2016 5:59 AM AEST | Updated 02/08/2016 6:00 AM AEST

This is the twenty-first century; an era of advancement in technology. One of the most influential innovations done by the guardians of technology is introducing smartphones, tablets and off course WiFi. According to the recent research it has been found out that there are billions of android as well iOS users all across the globe who are making the most of it. Every teenager as well as the adults in this universe owns a smartphone and using thousands of applications which they download from the app store or play store. These apps have a significant importance among the users. They can socialize by making use of them, play games in their leisure time, edit their pictures, so on and so forth. So here are the five recent apps that have set app stores to fire.

1. Pokemon Go

Everyone is addicted to the POKEMON GO these days.This app has recently been the most downloaded app ever in the history. In this app basically, the user finds the different family members of the Pokemon family by using the GPRS as well as the mobile camera. Pokemon is spread over the whole planet earth. The user basically searches for the Pokemon by walking around. So the next time when you find people walking in some one in the middle of the road, with their heads shoved into their phones, they’re definitely playing the Pokemon go.

2. Snapchat

Before this app, everyone was concerned while uploading their pictures on social media because anyone on the internet can download them and later misuse them but not anymore. Sanpchat offers a feature called story. A story contains picture and videos uploaded by the user for exact 24 hours and if someone tries to screenshot, the user gets a notification. Along with it there are many crazy filters present on the Snapchat, which is making this app so famous.

3. Instagram

This app was recently acquired by Facebook. Instagram is a platform where people can edit as well as upload their pictures along with check-ins. The vibrant colors of the filters make this app very popular among people. Instagram provides the privacy and people can set their accounts to private so that only allowed followers can see, like and comment on the pictures .Users can send messages to each other using this feature.

4. Prisma

This is the latest app with the most number of downloads. Prisma is a photo editor through which a person can make the cartoon version of their pictures. The colors, as well as the creativity of the editor, is indeed exceptional. Everyone on facebook is uploading their prisma edited photos. This app is so addictive that almost 100000000+ users have downloaded it from the app store. At first, it was released only for apple users later it came out for android users. So go crazy about your cartoonified versions with Prisma!

5. Mobdro

Mobdro is a classic app that is very beneficial as it allows the users to discover new videos from all around the world not only by downloading them but by viewing them as the online stream. It can help the user to view videos on any topic from all across the world and in any language.

These applications are already ruling over the playstores. Have you tried them yet? Would love to hear your experiences about them!


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