Other Hello Kitty Phones Jesse Pinkman Of 'Breaking Bad' Should Consider

29/08/2013 7:23 AM AEST

On last Sunday's "Confessions" episode of "Breaking Bad," lawyer extraordinaire Saul Goodman had to supply his client Jesse Pinkman with something important:

goodman phones

A cell phone! But not just any cell phone...

hello kitty

That's right. A "Hello Kitty" cell phone. Jesse was perplexed to say the least:

But little does Jesse know, he actually has plenty of other options when it comes to Hello Kitty phones.

This little guy comes with a big price: $164.

Okay fine, you don't like it.

How about this flip phone, which somehow costs $129?

Okay, a little warmer.

This Samsung is only $99 and has a whopping 3 megapixel camera!

Damn it Jesse, what do you want?!

It all makes sense now.

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