31 Hilarious Photos Only Cat Owners Will Understand

Get ready for some serious cat-titude. 😼

28/04/2016 1:44 AM AEST | Updated 28/04/2016 1:44 AM AEST
  • 1 When your cat makes illogical life choices like this.
  • 2 When your cat's brand new furniture is still not good enough.
  • 3 When your cat refuses to be trained to use the litter box.
  • 4 When every day of your life starts out like this.
  • 5 When all of your nice furniture gets viciously MURDERED.
  • 6 And when every shower comes with a very attentive (and creepy) audience.
  • 7 When you start finding cat hair in the worst possible places.
  • 8 Seriously, it's everywhere.
  • 9 When you're greeted with this stare at every turn.
  • 10 When your toilet paper is violently attacked on a daily basis.
  • 11 When you attempt to be affectionate and almost immediately regret it.
  • 12 When your cat literally reenacts the latest Cirque du Soleil routine.
  • 13 When your laundry pile becomes your cat's new playground.
  • 14 When you realize nothing is safe when your cat gets involved. Not even dinner.
  • 15 When your cat completely miscalculates its ability to squeeze inside a box.
  • 16 When your cat's belly is exposed, tricking you to risk your life and pet it.
  • 17 When kitty kibble ends up everywhere but in your cat's food bowl.
  • 18 When your flip flops fall victim to a cruel and unusual punishment.
  • 19 When playtime gets personal.
  • 20 When you feel like you're always being watched.
  • 21 When you can never eat a thing without being guilt tripped.
  • 22 When your cat acts hilariously insensitive to your pain and suffering.
  • 23 When you learn the hard way that no plant is safe in your house.
  • 24 When your cat thinks mopping is some kind of sick game.
  • 25 When your cat makes it clear who's king of the castle. YEAH IT'S NOT YOU, HUMAN.
  • 26 When your windowsill turns into the No. 1 hang spot.
  • 27 When your cat refuses to let you get anything done.
  • 28 When your cat takes up all the room on the couch.
  • 29 When your cat finally agrees to cuddle, but it's actually the weirdest most uncomfortable experience ever.
  • 30 When every paper bag somehow entertains your feline friend for hours.
  • 31 When your cat gets hooked on sun spots.

And when, despite all the cat-titude, you realize that you wouldn't trade your kitty for the world. Because, let's face it, your cat is the best.

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