These Cookies Are Spot-On Copies Of The Oscars Dresses

We'll take twelve. 🍪

01/03/2016 5:46 AM AEDT | Updated 01/03/2016 5:46 AM AEDT

And the Oscar goes to ... these perfect cookie copies of red carpet gowns.

While winners partied the night away, NYC-based baker Patti Paige worked around the clock to bake a batch of Oscar-inspired treats so stunning, you'll recognize them instantly. 

Does this seafoam green confection look familiar?

I'm working with @Reynoldskitchens parchment paper to make #redcarpetcookies from last night's awards show. This @Armani #seafoamgreen dress made spring come early 🌸 #bestdressed #redcarpet #springfashion #ontheredcarpet

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Yup, that was Cate Blanchett's Armani Privé gown, in perfect icing form.

Here's Brie Larson's dress, which also looks good enough to eat:

And chances are you'll recognize Alicia Vikander's dough-lightful dress, too:

In order to turn out the treats overnight, Paige had homemade sugar cookie dough ready and waiting while stars walked the red carpet, she told HuffPost. 

After seeing their dresses, she carved the dough into shapes by hand and applied royal icing on top in picture-perfect patterns. The process took all night. 

"There was no sleeping," Paige said. "But it was a lot of fun."

Mega-fans can custom order similar cookies from Paige's bakery, Baked Ideas ... or take a shot at icing something similar on their own. Yumm

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