01/07/2016 10:37 PM AEST

Cops Called To Rescue Lifeless Woman, End Up Saving A Sex Doll


Police in Amsterdam were relieved when they broke down an apartment door to rescue what appeared to be a lifeless woman and discovered that "she" was actually a blow-up sex doll.

Concerned neighbors called cops on Tuesday after spotting what they thought was a lingerie-clad woman standing, or even hanging, stationary at a window.

Officers rang the property's buzzer and knocked on the door. But they feared the worst after failing to gain any response. So kicked their way in, expecting to find a dead body, The Daily Dot reports.

"In fact, they found a dead woman, but she was made of plastic and filled with air," the police posted to Facebook, alongside a picture. 

"Relieved," they added.

Officers later moved the inflatable doll away from the window.

It's not known whether officers have since spoken to the apartment's occupier.

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