'Star Wars' Is About To Become The Highest Grossing Movie Ever

See ya, "Avatar."

03/01/2016 7:04 AM AEDT | Updated 03/01/2016 7:04 AM AEDT
Daisy Ridley has become an overnight sensation, after starring in the blockbuster that is smashing box office records.

Sorry, Leo, there's a new king of the world.

No iceberg could stand in the way of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," sailing past "Titanic" on Friday for second on the all-time domestic box office list. The movie's reported U.S. total of $686.4 million beats the James Cameron directed blockbuster by nearly $30 million ("Titanic" made $658.7 million). Now it has another Cameron film, the all-time record holder, "Avatar," in its crosshairs.

"Avatar" has a domestic total of about $760.5 million, but projections have "Star Wars" reaching around $740 million or more by Sunday night, according to Deadline. The movie is expected to blow past "Avatar" early next week.

How do you feel about that, BB-8?

Internationally, "The Force Awakens" has already earned about $704 million -- and it doesn't even open in China until Jan. 9. With its current global total approaching $1.4 billion, "Star Wars" is already 7th on the all-time list. "Avatar" is number one, with about $2.7 billion worldwide (numbers not adjusted for inflation), but that movie came out in 2009, while "Star Wars" has only been going for three weeks. It may just be a matter of time before it becomes the greatest box office force ever...

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