17 Well-Timed Wedding Photobombs That Will Crack You Up

The best ones involve animals. 📷🐶

30/03/2016 8:57 AM AEDT | Updated 30/03/2016 8:57 AM AEDT

Some might argue that a photobomb "ruins" a perfectly good photo. We respectfully disagree.

In fact, a well-executed photobomb can actually make a picture better, funnier and wonderfully bizarre. Still need convincing? Check out the 17 silly snaps below. 

  • 1
    <a href="">Shari and Mike Photographers </a>
    If this PDA doesn't stop, alpaca bag and leave. 
  • 2
    <a href="">Hoffer Photography</a>
    A groomsman's silent cry for help.
  • 3
    <a href="">Sarah Bastille Photography </a>
    So great running into you here!
  • 4
    <a href="">Leah Moyers Photography </a>
    Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty.
  • 5
    <a href=""> Ivey Pictures </a>
    Just *pupping* in to say "Hello!"
  • 6
    <a href="">Del Sol Photography</a>
    Baby's first photobomb. 
  • 7
    <a href="">Hoffer Photography</a>
    Peekaboo, I see you! 
  • 8
    <a href="">Cheese N Click Photography </a>
    Oh, deer! 
  • 9
    <a href="">Jason Arvaci of Nuvoria Studios </a>
    Stealing the bride's thunder.
  • 10
    <a href="">Photo Pink </a>
    Clearly having the time of his damn life.
  • 11
    <a href="">Javed Vahora -- NYNJ Photography </a>
    Giving the bridesmaids a quick masterclass in posing. 
  • 12
    <a href="">Jack Looney Photography </a>
    Something tells us the cat did this on purpose. 
  • 13
    <a href="">Rob Greer Photography </a>
    He couldn't resist. 
  • 14
    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images
    You are the Bane of my existence. 
  • 15
    <a href="">Mark Capilitan Photography </a>
    A little privacy would be nice, people. 
  • 16
    <a href="">Allebach Photography </a>
    Quit breathing down my neck. 
  • 17
    <a href="">Del Sol Photography</a>
    Rock on, brother! 
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