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Aussie Kids Need Aussie Stories

I still love to read books set all around the world. I want to experience the lives of those far removed from my own, to visit bustling markets, stone castles and arid deserts in the pages of a book. But I will not dismiss the value of reading about my own country, in the words of those who know it best.
Justin Case

Truth Is, Business Books Need More Fiction

And although the focus on empathy in the workplace and the new breed of business books is heartening, I wonder whether non-fiction is the best place for business managers and leaders to gain an understanding of empathy. I believe that Cloudstreet, Animal Farm or Harry Potter could be a better place to start.
Columbia Pictures

The Rise Of The Literary Groupie

Some people swoon over Ryan Gosling in 'The Notebook'. Others prefer Brad Pitt in 'Thelma and Louise'. A twist of Mick Jagger's hips drives some people wild. Others can't get enough of Ricky Martin's rumba. But all it takes to pique my interest is an intricate plot and clever turn of phrase.