1995 FILE PHOTO - America's most famous home cook Julia Child is collaborating with her longtime friend Jacques Pepin, a chef, teacher, cookbook author and TV personality on a 22-episode PBS series, "Julia & Jacques: Cooking at Home." To hard-core cooks, the show offers perhaps the first glimpse on television of how great home cooks like Child differ from chefs such as Pepin who honed their skills in high-powered commercial kitchens.RC

Julia Child Reveals The Secret To Making The Best Potato Salad

There's no disputing the fact that Julia Child is a great resource for cooking advice. The woman knows her way around some of the most challenging French dishes. But that doesn't mean she hasn't also...

Britain To Byron: Chef Darren Robertson's Food Journey

Darren Robertson is not exactly what you imagine when you think about a successful chef. He's nothing like the ill-tempered caricature of a blustering red-faced bloke in chef's whites, barking orders at underlings. The 40-year-old British chef behind Three Blue Ducks is a towering, warm, smiling type of man. He's the kind of guy you'd like to pop round and cook dinner for your mates before all heading to the pub. He calls his suppliers "brother" and he doles out his big grin with ease.