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There's A Little Bit Of 'Me' In Maternity

Having a child challenges women in a way that nothing else does. And among the chaos and stress of maternity leave, there are some magical moments when you get to re-evaluate what is important to you, gain new perspective and consider who you really want to be. And it's not surprising that Foye was 'envious' of that.

Male Parental Leave -- The Game Changer

Until we remove the stigma that comes with the biological fact that women carry the children and give birth, we aren't going to have a level playing field. Men should be encouraged to take time away from their careers to share the privilege of being with their children in those precious first few years of life. In return, their partners could return to the workforce earlier, or at least have the choice to do so.

Why I'd Move to Australia If I Fell Pregnant

I love New York; the people, the food, the dirt, the fashion, the humidity. Heck, even the long, freezing winters are pretty magical. But if I'm gonna be real, there's no way I'd stay here if I were planning to start a family. Thats right, knock me up and I'm schlepping back to Australia.