Racial Discrimination

Martin Barraud

Trying To Silence Unwelcome Views Only Perpetuates Them

We've developed a culture of vilifying people who do or say the "wrong" thing. The media feeds on and recirculates the outrage until it becomes a many-headed hydra, bigger and scarier and more hateful than the prejudice from which it was spawned. And the media storm seems to attract more followers to the xenophobic cause than it turns away.
AdrianHillman via Getty Images

Does Racial Profiling Exist In Australia?

It's a truism that, regardless of your position on the issue, writing about racial profiling and law enforcement is controversial. One colleague recently went so far as to describe it to me as career suicide. But it's the very fact that racial profiling is an emotional topic which drives the need for more informed public debate and dialogue on its application in border security.