16/05/2010 3:12 PM AEST | Updated 26/05/2011 1:50 AM AEST

Apple Will REPLACE Your iPad If Its Batteries Run Out

One of the criticisms of the iPad is that it lacks a removable battery, which can be a headache if the iPad's battery dies. But while Apple won't help you replace the battery, it will replace the entire iPad (for a fee).

The Associated Press explains,

Apple Inc.'s iPhone and iPad both have sealed-in batteries that owners can't replace themselves. As it does with the iPhone, Apple says it will give people whose iPads have a "diminished ability to hold an electrical charge" an entire new unit. The service will cost $99 plus $6.95 in shipping charges.

While you will be getting a new (or refurbished) iPad, you won't be getting your data (songs, contacts, photos, etc) on the new machine. Apple explains:

Will the data on my iPad be preserved?

No. You will receive a replacement iPad that will not contain any of your personal data. Before you submit your iPad for service, it is important to sync your iPad with iTunes to back up your contacts, calendars, email account settings, bookmarks, apps, etc. Apple is not responsible for the loss of information when servicing your iPad.

As Engadget notes, Apple's approach to battery problems on the iPad is different from its stance on iPhones, which Apple agrees to service, rather than replace.

Read the full text of Apple's iPad battery replacement policy here.

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