10/12/2014 4:24 AM AEDT | Updated 07/12/2017 9:20 AM AEDT

This Is How Students Are Getting Through Finals Week

If we had to sum up finals week in one word, it might be "coffee." Or maybe just "caffeine," considering how many Red Bulls and bottles of Mountain Dew are being consumed on campuses right now, in additional to coffee.

But who could blame students for sucking down so much caffeine trying to study/open their textbooks for the second time this semester ahead of finals? We looked through some of your Instagram feeds and it's not necessarily a time we long to go return to, now that we're out of school.

That is, until we see that schools like the University of Southern Florida and Liberty University are helping students play with dogs. Not just any dogs, but adorable puppies in some cases, and even cats! (We know: there is plenty of research to show this is money well-spent, but that's partly why we're so jealous.)

Anyway, we found some fun photos students were posting and sending us on Snapchat and decided to share them here. If you want a photo to be added, send it to us on Snapchat, where we are posting under the handle "HuffPostCollege."

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Let's do this! #finalsweek #ucf #goknights

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#finalsweek #college #mountaindew and so finals week begins...

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My body right now is like "Seriously dude?" #finalsweek

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I made a friend! #pettherapy #usfwellness #finalsweek #ilovemycollege

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Therapy Dog at school during finals week to help us have a reason to still live. #therapydog #finalsweek #help

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Puppies at USF!!!! I look tired lol #USF #puppies #finalsweek

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ya meroooo! #unasemanita #animoanimo #accounting #finalsweek

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Trapped here #FinalsWeek #WhosIn

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