24/06/2015 9:33 PM AEST | Updated 07/12/2017 9:20 AM AEDT

#SkyPorn Is The Kind Of Porn Every Traveler Should See

If nature made porn, what would it look like? You're about to find out.

#Skyporn is an entirely innocent, entirely wondrous trend involving beautiful photos of the sky. Thanks to Instagram's new Trending Tags feature, which highlights frequently-tagged topics, we know travelers were posting about #SkyPorn this week in all it's puffy-clouded glory.

The hashtag has been making its way around the interwebs for at least a few years. But we're very glad Instagram is giving #Skyporn an even bigger spotlight, because these photos are epic fodder for wanderlust:

A photo posted by @huliadrk on

A photo posted by Ali Aşılı (@aliasili) on

A severe storm on the East Coast on Wednesday also generated lots of photos with the tag #AfterTheStorm, a whole new subset of #SkyPorn dedicated to those precious post-rain skies:

A photo posted by Gerry (@gmp3) on

A photo posted by Liz McAvoy (@lizgraymcavoy) on

A photo posted by @aliaseraj on

A photo posted by Amber (@foodcanheal) on

A photo posted by Andrew Clark (@aclarkington) on

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