21/08/2015 3:57 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Joe Hockey Can't Say 'Tampon' During GST Announcement

It's official. Joe Hockey is physically incapable of saying "tampon".

The Treasurer announced Friday afternoon the results of his summit with state and territory counterparts.

Hockey announced GST would apply to online purchases from 2017, and also that GST would remain on tampons -- or, as he called them, "uh, uhh... on, uh, feminine hygiene products".

A fierce campaign had pressured Hockey into dropping the tax on sanitary products, with 102,000 people telling the treasurer to "stop taxing my period".

After the campaign's organiser Subeta Vimalarajah confronted Hockey about it live on Q&A in May, he agreed to lobby for the GST's removal on the products.

"I'll give you this undertaking: I'll raise it with the states at the next meeting of the treasurers in July," he said.

Twitter had fun at Hockey's apparent inability to say "tampons."