27/08/2015 7:59 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Junk Off Competition Takes Over Twitter With Animal Genitalia


It's (hopefully) not that often that you think about animal genitalia, but thanks to a super weird trending topic taking over Twitter, the naughty bits of monkeys, zebras, insects, crabs, hyenas and big cats are right in your face.

The #JunkOff hashtag took off yesterday, sparked when a few scientists began posting animal's reproductive organs on Twitter. As you do, when you're a scientist.

Anne Hilborn, an "ecologist doing my PhD at Virginia Tech" according to her Twitter bio, helped kick off the tag. It's probably safe to say this is the most popular animal genitalia-related hashtag in history.

The images really speak for themselves, don't they?

Of course there's some of our own Aussie animals.

And while there's #JunkOff images of the popular animals, like the African savannah beasts, the scientists are also sharing a bunch of animals which you've probably never really even considered actually HAVING, you know... junk.

Depending how deep you want to fall into the rabbit-hole (that wasn't meant to be a genitalia pun, either...) check out the #JunkOff hashtag here.