28/08/2015 3:17 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Daffodil Day: One Teen Girl's Beautiful Gift To Her Cousin


Surely there’s no better way to mark Daffodil Day; fundraising for cancer than to celebrate a beautiful gift from one girl to other.

Four year old Neveah (heaven spelt backwards) had a brain tumour removed over a year ago. But she’s starting school next year and needs a wig, as her hair won’t grow back.

Her cousin, 13 year old Abbey McMillen was deeply touched by Neveah’s story. Abbey’s grandmother passed away recently after a battle with leukaemia, and Abbey had known one of her grandmother’s fears was losing her hair.

So Abbey decided to ‘pay it forward.’

She took herself to the hairdresser and had her beautiful long ponytail cut -- 30 centimetres -- which will be professionally turned into a ‘real hair’ wig for little Neveah.

While Abbey says she is a little unsure about her new look, she is happy to make the sacrifice.

“Even if it’s horrible, that doesn’t matter compared to what Neveah has to go through,” said Abbey.

HuffPost Australia thinks Abbey looks just beautiful. Inside and out.