30/08/2015 6:56 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Australians Can't Name Country's Top Swimmers Anymore

Video by Emily Verdouw & Cayla Dengate

Ian Thorpe is a national hero, Steph Rice is a superstar and we’ve all had a muesli bar with Grant Hackett’s face on it.

Since the 1900s, Australians have ridden the wave of the likes of Murray Rose, Dawn Fraser and Libby Trickett.

Fast forward to today and it seems our swimming stars have lost their shine.

We hit the streets to ask people to name a current competing Australian swimmer.

Responses included vague, almost-there suggestions including:

  • "I know one but I don't know his name, he was on Dancing With The Stars."
  • "There's a girl who just beat that Misty girl from America."
  • "Who is the guy from Port Macquarie? What's his name? This is really bad because I really think he's attractive too".

C'mon Australia, let's throw our swimmers a lifeline.

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