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Queensland Mother Locks Ice-Addicted Son In A Cage

Drug addicts often find themselves staring at the bars and locks of a prison cell, driven to crime to feed their habit. It's not often, however, that that prison cell is in their own home.

Queensland mother Daphne locks her 17-year-old son, Wylie, in a purpose-built, reinforced steel cage inside their house in an attempt to save him from himself and his ice addiction.

"He was crying, begging, screaming for help," Daphne told Channel Nine's A Current Affair program.

"He said 'mum you have to lock the cage, you have to lock the door.' He said 'I can't be trusted'."

Daphne spent $3000 on the steel cage, which is now anchored into the very foundations of their home.

"I'd rather look at my mum as a jailor, than be in a real jail," Wylie said.

Daphne told ACA of her heartbreaking decision to install the cell and to lock up her own son.

"You're dealing with a monster," she said of the drug taking over her son.

"He's taken a pitchfork to his brother. He would kill him if he got him."

"I didn't want to lose my son."

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