03/09/2015 4:22 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Peking Duk Are Getting Karl Stefanovic Tattoos


Canberra DJ duo Peking Duk have promised to get tattoos of Today show host Karl Stefanovic. We're going to hold them to their word.

To say Stefanovic and Peking Duk have a bromance going on is underplaying things.

We're not sure how it started -- nobody is really sure -- but Stefanovic and the DJs have a long history. Stefanovic made this video, which was played as the duo walked on stage for their 2014 tour with Stereosonic Festival, with Karl uttering the now-immortal catch phrase "I love nothing more than getting absolutely Peking Duk-ed." The DJs have waxed lyrical at length of their love for the TV host. But now, things are getting serious.

Peking Duk have thrown down a charity challenge to Stefanovic, and one way or the other, the DJs are getting tattoos of Karl's face.

Karl Stefanovic Charity Tattoo

looks like we're getting Karl Stefanovic's face tattooed on us

Posted by Peking Duk on Monday, 31 August 2015

Watch the full video of the segment here.

Throwing down the gauntlet as part of the Optus Rock Corps concept, the duo say they're getting Stefanov-inked; Reuben will get a tattoo if Karl doesn't meet the challenge, while Adam will get one if he does.

With that in mind, and with a bit of curiosity, we set out to answer the burning question -- what would Peking Duk look like with Karl Stefanovic tattoos? And even more importantly, which of the many faces of Karl do you choose?

(Peking Duk Facebook/Photo illustration)

Here's what the boys would look like at Coachella, with Reuben sporting an arm tatt and Adam having decided on a trendy rear shoulder number. Reuben chose to ink himself with the immortal image of Stefanovic drunk on the air after the Logies, while Adam went with a more current image of Stefanovic dumbstruck after seeing footage of a giant shark.

(Peking Duk Facebook/Photo illustration)

Another classic Stefanovic moment remembered forever in ink -- the moment when it all went wrong, after he ate the world's hottest chilli pie.

(Peking Duk Facebook/Photo illustration)

Here's a skin ink reminder of the time Stefanovic pranked news reader Roz Kelly on-air, changing her autocue so she finished a story about Amsterdam with the sign-off "How good are the cookies there?"

(Peking Duk Facebook/Photo illustration)

Both the boys took the plunge on this one, Reuben deciding on a subtle and discreet rear-bicep tattoo while Adam again took a more obvious route with a stomach design. Adam's tattoo commemorates the landmark moment in Australian journalism when Stefanovic interviewed Grumpy Cat.

(Peking Duk Facebook/Photo illustration)

And finally, capping off our important countdown of possible Duk-Stefanovic mashup tattoos, we've got Adam on stage at Stereosonic, loudly and proudly sporting a lovely Karl expression on his chest.

We're hoping at least one of these comes to fruition. Good luck, boys.