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Exploring Why People Ride -- An Ode To Motorbikes And Adventure

Best friends Maria and Nina started riding motorbikes early on, both hailing from Sweden where it's common to ride as much as it is to drive.

They're best mates and their friendship is glued together by their mutual love of riding and their constant desire to seek adventure.

This is all told through the lens of Stories of Bike, a web series about the relationship between motorbikes and owners.

To enjoy these videos you don't have to share a passion for the machines, you just need to relate to the desire for adventure.

Each video delves past the superficial love an owner has for their bike and goes further into why people ride.

Cam Elkins, the man behind the show, explains he created the series because he wanted to see more short films about motorbikes that went beyond how they were made.

"I could never find a video that went further back than that. I wanted to hear their story that got them there, he wrote about the films.

"Their histories, their dreams, challenges, loves and losses. I wanted to see these stories and how riding a bike makes it all better."

See more from Stories of Bike here.

To help Cam Elkins make more great stories on bikes head to this crowdfunding page.

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