07/09/2015 5:37 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

'We Are Sticking With The Plan': The Abbott Government Marks Two-Year Anniversary


CANBERRA -- The Abbott Government was elected two years ago Monday, but the birthday love from voters was certainly not found in the latest Newspoll.

The poll found the Opposition still led the all important two-part preferred vote: Coalition ​46​​​, Labor 54​.

It has been bad for the government, and the Prime Minister personally, since the first Budget.

The Education Minister has a new way to describe the poor polls.

Top of the Prime Minister's agenda on Monday was not domestic affairs, rather Australia's response to the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.

Abbott said Australia could do more but within its already existing annual refugee intake. He's facing growing calls from within his own party to do more.

Labor is upping the ante.

At the same time Cabinet is about to consider allowing Australian fighter jets to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria.

Concerned about a potential broken promise to build submarines in South Australia, Independent Senator Nick Xenophon brought a special cake.

It looked explosively delicious.

Someone also brought in a petting zoo for the pollies.

Actually, it is National Threatened Species Day.

Two years in, Abbott says he is getting on with the job and "sticking with the plan" -- highlighting the China-Australia free trade agreement and tax cuts to small business.

Still, a change in essential personnel remains on the cards, with the Prime Minister backing Treasurer Joe Hockey during an interview on Nine News.

But he has not ruled out a reshuffle before the next election.

Meantime, Labor marked two years in opposition by, well, opposing the government.

Which leaves federal parliament to get back to business.