07/09/2015 11:17 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Stand Aside Police Dogs: Ducks, Horses and Chihuahuas Are The Order Of Today

Victoria Police

It's a story straight from the yarn barn. Police around Australia have some ducks in custody, are honouring their sturdy steeds and have praised a chihuahua for its role in averting a home invasion.

Must be a quiet day for crime.

This morning, a cyclist travelling through St Kilda spotted eight ducklings near a school bus. He promptly picked them up, put them in his backpack and delivered them to St Kilda Road police station.

Police appealed for the public's help in locating the one-week old ducklings' mother, in a bid to "quack the case". Yep, they said it.

Meanwhile, a pet chihuahua named Taco has been praised for alerting its family to an intruder at Doveton, near Dandenong, overnight.

"The intruder disturbed the pet Chihuahua who then began growling to alert the owner," Victoria Police said in a statement.

The thief managed to flee with an iPad.

Chihuahua 'Taco', pictured with his grateful family today.

Owner Geoff Clarke told The Age he and his partner were "super proud" of the tiny mutt.

His partner and three children were in the house during the 3am intrusion.

But there may not be any doggy treats for Taco's canine colleague Baxter. Mr Clarke said the American Staffy slept through the whole incident.

NSW Police have gone on horseback to mark the 190th anniversary of the mounted police.

While the numbers have dropped from the height of 900 horses and 800 police, to the current 31 horses and 36 police, the horses have played an important role in policing -- and have been part of the force for 90 years longer than women.