07/09/2015 9:06 AM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Your Next Beauty Purchase Could Help Communities In Need


Purchasing a beauty product is something most Australian women will do this week and it's likely that of those purchases, a fair few will be rosehip oil -- given that it has become a staple in many Aussie skincare routines for its ability to quench dry skin and fade imperfections.

To keep up with the ever growing demand for rosehip oil, beauty brand Trilogy has announced a partnership with a new supplier in Lesotho -- a tiny country landlocked by South Africa. The partnership involves Trilogy purchasing the Lesotho-based company a new state-of-the-art oil press that will enable it to more than quadruple its current production capacity of certified organic rosehip oil.

What makes this investment unique is the agreement terms, which will see the Lesotho company pay back the cost of the press to Trilogy over three years -- ultimately transferring the ownership of this valuable asset to them.This investment will not only enable the Lesotho company to expand its business, creating valuable work for this local community, but will deliver substantial ongoing economic benefits in a developing nation.

“Supporting the communities we live in and work with has been embedded in Trilogy’s culture since the very beginnings of the brand. As an impact investor, we hope helping our rosehip oil supplier to expand his business will have a positive flow-on effect to both the people of Lesotho who harvest the rosehip fruit and to the local economy,” said Angela Buglass, Chief Executive, Trilogy International.

Female farmers in Tanzania

The brand also launched their second fragrance in August in partnership with Australian charity, So They Can. It’s called “Raha”, which means “joy” in Swahilli. This limited edition, all-natural, sunflower-based perfume oil has been developed to benefit So They Can -- a not-for-profit organisation which works to educate children, empower women and build sustainable and self-sufficient communities in Africa. Trilogy is aiming to raise $30,000 through sales of the fragrance, which will provide income for 50 Tanzanian women and also fund a full year’s education for 500 children.

“In the case of So They Can, it’s about educating and empowering people, particularly women and children, with the aim of creating self-sufficient communities. So They Can Founder Cassandra Treadwell puts it beautifully -- Education is priceless. It provides a very different future for these women and children, helping to breaking the poverty cycle for future generations,” said Buglass.

Who doesn't love a bit of beauty that gives back?