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Blinky Bill Movie Sees Return Of Australia's Cheekiest Koala

You guys. Drop bears are a thing. Australia's most beloved koala bear has just confirmed it.

Ahead of the release of his new movie, our favourite red overall-wearing marsupial Blinky Bill took some time out of his busy schedule to participate in an exclusive Q&A with The Huffington Post Australia.

Check it out below. It's probably our highest koality article to date.

You live in Green Patch. What’s it like?

It's beautiful! There's trees everywhere, the sun is shining... it's totally a place Mal and Mike would love!

We’ve heard eating eucalyptus leaves can leave you feeling a bit… woozy. Is this true?

Why do you think we koalas spend up to 18 - 22 hours a day sleeping? Sometimes you gotta lie down (or hold a tree branch) to let that food coma settle, you know?

You've been around since the 1930s but still look great! What's your secret?

A good healthy diet of eucalyptus leaves, Aussie sunshine, staying cheeky and having fun with your mates! Helps that I've got a crew of people helping me look pretty, being a movie star and all.

Which bear is better in the wild -- you or Bear Grylls?

Who's Bear Grylls? A human? Like a human could be better than me at exploring the wild! Of course, me! I'm from the wild, I grew up in the wild, and adventuring is in my blood. I fight bunyips for lunch and conquer crocs for dinner! *beats fluffy chest caveman style*

What’s something about you that nobody knows?

That defeats the purpose of nobody knowing, doesn't it?!

What do you keep in your knapsack aside from eucalyptus leaves?

I've got a pack of Tim Tams that never runs out, a rusty iPad 3 and whatever vital tool I need for today's prank (I've got a bunch of feathers and honey today... #SorryNotSorry.)

Are you a reader of The Huffington Post Australia? (We're assuming if this is the case, you must have wifi in your tree?)

Of course I have wifi, how else do I update my Twitter? (You should follow me! @OfficialBlinky) - and yes, I do read The Huffington Post - I'm a koala-fied media junkie.

Now you have your own movie, has the fame gone to your head at all?

What do you mean? Like my head's not big enough, as a koala! I'm still pretty humble -- I'd never do anything crazy like, say, name a part of the Sydney Harbour bridge after myself...

I know you're only meant to eat eucalyptus, but have you ever tried the chocolate bar named after you?

I've had chocolate, but it looked a little like bilby poop to be honest...Isn't it kinda weird eating yourself?

What are the best and worst things about being a koala?

The best thing is -- everybody knows us and expects us to just be cuddly and sleep all day -- so nobody suspects when we pull the greatest pranks out of nowhere...hehe.

Just so we can tell our American friends -- do you ever see any drop bears in your neck of the woods?

YES! Tell your American friends that there are LOTS of drop bears in the trees... waiting to attack them, with their giant claws... and they look just like me, so you can never tell if you're in trouble or not! BEWARE! WoooOOooOo!

Blinky Bill: The Movie film is releasing during the September school holidays.

September 17 -- NSW/VIC/QLD

September 24 -- ACT/WA/SA/NT/TAS

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