14/09/2015 12:02 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

Sydney 'Protestival' Fights Back Against Lockout Laws

Video by Ryan Diefenbach

Thousands of Sydney protesters rallied with their sound systems forming a mobile rave on Sunday afternoon for ‘Reclaim the Streets’ to oppose the city's lockout laws.

After a spate of assaults the State Government introduced new laws in 2014 that closed bottle shops by 10pm, abolished shots after midnight, locked out entry to venues after 1:30am, and called for last drinks by 3am.

Renowned DJ's and amateurs alike simultaneously blasted music of all genres from their stages in a convoy through the affected zones from the CBD to Kings Cross, before finishing at Oxford Street.

"What happened to those poor kids on the streets of Kings Cross is absolutely tragic but we really don’t believe that there’s any kind of useful discussion happening more broadly about Australia’s drinking culture,” co-organiser Chris Lego told the Huffington Post Australia.

“We’re being collectively punished because of a few aggressive idiots and the drinking culture has to change.”

Dancers of all ages could be seen, a number of attendees bringing their prams or walking sticks.

One organiser marched along carrying her baby who she protected with miniature earmuffs.

The event led to some interspersed pot smoking and public drinking but no major clashes or incidents occurred with the police who were on site.

The Senate Economics References Committee is undertaking an inquiry into personal choice and community impacts, with a now extended closing date for submissions -- September 18.