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The Liberal Party Spill Was Very Weird

Video by Tom Compagnoni

To put it as simply as possible - Tony's out, Turnbull's in. But to summarise things that succinctly would be to do a grave injustice to the absolute carnival sideshow that Australian politics has become.

A spill for party leadership, let alone for the office of Prime Minister itself, is a strange and wonderful night. That was made all the more amazing by the motley crew of eccentrics who populate our political sphere -- none more so than the inimitable Clive Palmer, who gave us the next instalment in his bizarre "goodbye" video series.

Its time to give you my next installment in the Goodbye video series. This time, its "Goodbye Tony, Goodbye"

Posted by Clive Palmer on Monday, 14 September 2015

Former Palmer United Party member Jacqui Lambie marked the occasion too, sending out her support for Malcolm Turnbull..... via Comic Sans.


And then, of course, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan (accidentally) weighed into the debate, sending some kind words (accidentally) to Tony Abbott.


Unfortunately, another fan alerted Hogan to the trick, and Hogan deleted his encouragement to our now-former PM.

Earlier in the night, it was discovered that redirects to Malcolm Turnbull's website, thanks to a sneaky redirect from a Sydney uni student.

Cory Bernardi was snapped in this timeless pic, at the end of what was a very long day.

And, in fitting Monday night #Auspol fashion, the result of the leadership ballot was announced live on air... by Q&A.

(Supplied/ABC TV)

"I'm going to interrupt you right now because we've just got the result and we do in fact have a new prime minister," host Tony Jones said as the results came in around 9.45pm -- interrupting, coincidentally, former Liberal leader and party elder John Hewson.

It was a weird night.

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