18/09/2015 3:45 PM AEST | Updated 15/07/2016 12:51 PM AEST

This Raccoon Doing Human Things Will Make Your Day

Racoon, close up, studio shot
Martin Harvey via Getty Images
Racoon, close up, studio shot

Few things are cuter than puppies and kittens -- few including the raccoon -- DOING HUMAN THINGS.

Introducing Melanie from Great Britain, famous on Instagram (she has 21, 000 loyal followers) for doing regular, mundane acts like riding a bike or eating porridge -- her account has fast become the go-to place for afternoon LOLs.

Not only is her fashion on point -- she showcases some of the best bowties, trench coats and neck scarfs on the ‘gram -- she also isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty helping her owner, affectionately known as “mum” with regular chores like vacuuming and ensuring toilet paper thickness is just right.

Sweeping the kitchen.

Playing shop.


Helping mum with a tissue.


Eating porridge.


Ballet practice.

Hanging with raccoon friend -- Riley.

And Rachael.

And this guy too.

Bike riding.

Testing the toilet paper.

Flying (domestic).

Ready for lift-off ✈️! Buckle your safety belts 💺. Turn off all electrical devices 📱💻. I will be your your pilot 🛃on this Boeing 747 Aircraft ✈️. We will soon be reaching an altitude 🌁of 30,000 ft. In approximately 10 hours time ⏳⌚️, we will have reached our final destination of New York City 🗽🇺🇸. Refreshments 🍴🍇🍹🍝should be served shortly. A selection of movies 🎥are available to watch. Sit back 💺and enjoy the flight. ❤️Melanie #raccoon #melanieraccoon #ratonfleur #petraccoon #raccoonsofinstagram #raccoonlover #animals #animalsofinstagram #mapache #eHot #ratonfleur #waschbar #wasbeer #petsofinstagram #flight #aircraft #plane #travel #vacation #goingonholiday #pilot #flying #movies #refreshments #travelling #newyork #theellenshow

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Whipping and naeing.

Getting all CRAY.

Helping out a mate.