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7 Snacks From Your Childhood That Were The Best

Just putting it out there -- how good were the snacks of the '90's. None of this hummus-and-carrot sticks business, parents back then were all like "have this thing that will turn your entire mouth blue and let the teacher deal with your sugar high (lols). Then if you're good, after dinner we'll crack open a Viennetta and you can have ten minutes of play time on your Sega." #thebest

Needless to say, not all of our fondly-remembered snacks made it to the noughties, or if they did, not in their original form (here's looking at you, Redskins packaging).

After a member of The Huffinton Post Australia team recently discovered a store that sells Ovalteenies and became the office hero, we decided to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on some of the best (or worst) retro snacks of the past. Enjoy.


Because nothing says recess like kangaroo-shaped biscuits dipped into hazelnut spread. There used to be vanilla and strawberry flavours too, but these were inferior and, let's be real, were discontinued for a reason.

If Dunkaroos were your '90s jam, never fear. You can still get your fix.

Roll ups

Pretty much fruit plastic. So good. Not only for eating but for playing with. Did anyone else see how far their roll up could stretch before you put a hole in it? Or actually do as the name suggests and roll it up to eat like some kind of weird fruit playdough tube? Amazing. Bonus points for "containing real fruit" so it was probs the healthiest thing in your lunch box. Also the rainbow ones were the best. Just saying.

Eucalyptus drops

OK, so not really clear on how something you were meant to suck on when you had a sore throat ended up being a tuckshop staple but there you go. If you left them in your bag too long they stuck together to form one enormo-lolly which was totally still edible even if it had some fluff stuck to it. All in all, these were basically sweets you could legit eat in class. #winning


Because what's better than lollies? Lollies that come out of a character's head! (duh)

From memory the actual confectionery wasn't that great but no one cared because a) sugar and b) serious street cred could be earned from your PEZ dispenser collection. For die-hard PEZ fans, if you're ever in the ole U S of A, you should check out the PEZ Museum which is an actual place because 'Merica.

Space Food Sticks

Apparently actually designed for astronauts by NASA, the humble space food stick was more likely to be consumed in Australian playgrounds than in zero gravity but hey, who's complaining. Not really sure what they were made of but they were chewy and there were chocolate and caramel flavours and they never melted in your bag, which can categorically not be said for the chips on your chocolate-chip muesli bar. School yard snack game -- strong.


Not the kind of lolly to eat if you want to deny eating it later. Will turn entire mouth blue. This reporter's sister got in Very Big Trouble for consuming one of these before a dentist appointment. Dentist said it made for an interesting session. FYI, apparently it shows up plaque quite clearly. Who knew?


The ultimate 90's snack -- ovalteenies rule the school when it comes to being a) delicious, b) snack-sized and c) lollies you could hide in your pocket and stealth-eat during class. Little malt balls of bliss, you can still buy ovalteenies in Australia, which is excellent news for grown ups everywhere who want to relive their childhood.

Those who grew up in the 80's might even remember the ad below (which is quite frankly terrifying). Viewer discretion advised.

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